About DAVE Q

Dave is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.A in Economics. He owns and operates Dave Q Fitness LLC in Hoboken, NJ, an in-home personal training company that helps people discover the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle. Dave is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as Master Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with one the largest health club chains in the Northeast.

Dave has been an expert contributor for Oxygen and Maximum Fitness Magazines. He has a passion for the fitness industry and is well studied on athletic performance and weight management. He centers his life on fitness and has personally experienced the benefit of converting to a healthier lifestyle. He takes the wants and needs of clients seriously and draws motivation from them everyday.

His certifications include:

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About Sarah

Sarah became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2010 after realizing her passion and interest in the fitness profession a few years before. In early 2007, Sarah hired a trainer to help her get back into a fitness regimen that had been dormant after she graduated college and started working in NYC. After training a few sessions with her trainer, she realized how much she had missed exercise and how good it made her feel.

In 2008, she met Dave Q, (her now husband and business partner). Dave taught her how to push her fitness regimen to a higher level, both physically and mentally. She began to study under him and discovered different fitness philosophies and techniques. In 2010 Sarah decided to obtain her fitness certification and join Dave in his quest to help people and change lives.

Sarah's training style reflects the ideas and practices of Dave Q Fitness. She uses varied training techniques ranging from resistance training, plyometrics, body weight training, TRX Suspension training, stretching, and self myofascial release techniques. She strives to reach her clients maximum potential and takes great joy in watching a client realize he or she can accomplish goals they never thought they could.