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Fat Burning Myth Exposed
Cardiorespiratory training is generally assumed to be the best way to reduce body fat. But what happens when we are led astray by the very cardio machines and aerobics instructors we spend so much time with? Take a look on any cardio machine and you will see a program that says fat burn, or has a fat burning zone chart on it. The popular trend is to think that there is some magical "fat burning" zone for exercise. However, that is not the case. Body fat reduction takes place when there is more energy being burned than consumed. To gain a better understanding of cardio and its role in fat loss, the "fat-burning" myth must being expelled from your mind. [Read More...]

Workout Success During the Holidays
Year after year it seems as the holiday season approaches the numbers on the scale rise as quickly as the temperatures fall. Who can blame us, with all the holiday food, parties, and mom's home cooking where the main ingredient is butter; its only natural to put on a few pounds. But, by using a system developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine called F.I.T.T.E, you'll be able to make this holiday season your fittest ever.
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Gut Check!
Whether to eat or not before a workout is a question that plagues every gym goer. This article will attempt to explain how to answer that question and see results in the gym. [Read More...]

Keys to Fat-Loss Success
There are many ways one can look at fat loss and begin to wonder, how the hell am I going to do this. This is a question I get from my clients on a continual basis, and my reply to them is always "One Step at a Time." The key to losing fat is to follow my 3 P's to success. Those P's are PASSION, PATIENCE, and PERSEVERANCE. [Read More...]

Time Crunch
Spending 3 hours in the gym is a thing of the past. High intensity cross training can provide you with strength training benefits as well as a cardiovascular benefit in a fraction of the time. [Read More...]